Cometic Dentistry

At Onehealth Dental we consider all dentistry to be cosmetic.

From brighter whiter teeth with tooth whitening, to replacing old silver fillings with modern materials that mimic nature.

Whether you want a single tooth to be fixed or a whole new smile makeover, we have all the right experience, equipment, products, training and techniques for a successful and long-lasting result. Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science concerned with improving the appearance of one's smile through various cosmetic dental procedures. The expertise of cosmetic dentistry often gives models, TV broadcasters and Hollywood actors their perfect pearly whites. These procedures are now widely available to anyone.

Often, cosmetic dentistry involves the whitening of teeth, veneers, bonding or other dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry differs from traditional dentistry, which focuses more on the maintenance of good oral health and hygiene and maintaining the proper function of the teeth for chewing and biting. Although these things are vital for any dentistry performed including cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry adds in the need to have whatever procedure is done blend in with the teeth to appear natural while enhancing the smile to look the best it can possibly look - healthy, white, straight and beautiful.

There are a number of options available now to improve your smile and just because you were not born with a stunning smile doesn't mean you can't have one now. See below to find out about all the different treatments available which might work for you. Of course, to know what the right treatment is for your individual needs we suggest you make an appointment with us for a personalised consultation.

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